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About Us

Message from the CEO

Asan Shayan Industrial Group emphasized on research and modern knowledge as the main axle of achieving the self-reliance goals and improvement of quality and ever-increasing correspondence with world standards, specially EN81 and ever-better manufacturing, in accordance with modern managerial methods as one of the holders of Standard Certificate ISO 9001- 9002 in quality management and always tried to promote the customers’ satisfaction.

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AsanShayan History

The industrial group of Asan Shayan was estabelished in 1364, for promotion of quality level of internal productions with update technology of the world.

With arm of provide productions suitable of Iranian people and cut independent to forgien countries.

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AsanShayan Vision

The information shows that out environment, including of economic environment, social, and into environment of the copration, including of the analysis of structure postion, army position and how any force, working proccing, financial position So, attention to this searching.

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AsanShayan Mission

The mission of the industrial group is:

Designing, production and sale of various and high quality elevator’s pieces in extended of national and international ofcourse, with specialist humany force and explotation of new technology and relation with customers and with order of principles like as customertic continaed improvement conformity with international standard. For stable benefits.

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