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The first thing without cable lift in the world

A German company unveiled the world's first lift concept without cables

Elevators have not changed much over the past 160 years and still has a cabin that moves vertically on one axis, and this axis is supported by cables.

This structure, restrictive and ineffective and people have waited a long time out of the elevator on the floor where they are intended. However, the German company ThyssenKrupp Elevator is a revolutionary concept has unveiled the possibility of moving several cabins both horizontally and vertically in an elevator shaft provides the same and at the same time.

German company claims, a new concept known as Multi System is the world's first elevator cable and has potential implications for the design of high-rise buildings in the future.

A magazine Hnrbamhvr, the system guides. Lift the same technology used in the construction of the Shanghai maglev train uses Abrsry made by German company Transrapid International.

Lift a new concept has a motor to move vertically and horizontally and not a single axis, and the technology is equipped with a complex system of shafts every 15 to 30 seconds is possible to provide access to the elevator.

The German company announced it would lift the axis is smaller compared to conventional elevators can be used areas of the building by 25 percent.

Germans claim to have a building height of 300 meters can be an ideal starting to use this technology.

Multi lift is still being designed and experts expect 2016 to test it.